Don’t Call It a Comeback

I’ve been here before, actually a few times.

So many things have happened since I started this blog and even since I wrote my last post so I guess I’ll just dive right in!

As of October 1st I was officially furloughed from my airline, as mentioned in the last post it’s a very hard situation because while nobody could have imagined this pandemic would turn out to be the way it has it’s tough emotionally to lose your dream job at no fault of your own- just a junior person in a world where seniority is key. That’s probably the least fun part of this new life I’ve been adjusting to but I’m learning to enjoy the new adventure I’m on.

Without a doubt the most fun thing that has happened is definitely that the fella and I moved into a brand new apartment a little over two months ago in the cute little city of Longmont, Colorado. We picked it because we were both in the process of finding new jobs and thought it was a great location between Denver, Fort Collins & Boulder. I feel very fortunate to have this new place and have been working really hard at making it our own space. With flight attendant life I was moving so often and with so many roommates it was hard to ever feel settled in.

I started a new job that I feel lucky to have gotten with such uncertain times and I’m even working from home which has actually been a really nice treat. The job itself doesn’t allow for much creativity so I’ve been looking forward to getting back to blogging and having that outlet.

Settling into a new routine has actually not been my strong suit lately but I’m definitely getting there. I’ve been so happy to decorate the new apartment and make it truly feel like a home. Blending styles and doing everything on a budget has been a process but one that I’m so enjoying and hoping to share with you all. Add in moving tips because let’s face it- I’m a professional mover. I’ve also been meal prepping and actually able to cook regularly which has been amazing so I’m excited to share some of the recipes I’ve been working on and trying. Crafting has really helped take my mind off of some of the craziness of late so you’ll for sure be seeing some DIY projects. Working out has essentially fallen by the wayside but maybe this blog will help me be more accountable with getting back into shape.

Even though we are in a pandemic and travel isn’t exactly “booming” we have loved getting to explore this new city and the surrounding area so stay tuned for more Colorado specific travel guides and tips for how to make the most of staycation life.

Like so many in the world this has been a pretty intense time for transitions, uncertainty and adjusting to our own new normal. This is my new normal and I hope it makes for a fun read, a creative space and as always I’ll just be winging it over here.