A Dream Job On Hold

Hello there beautiful people!

I’d like to preface this post by saying I know that pretty much everyone is getting their ass handed to them in one way or another lately so believe me when I say I know everyone is having a hard time and I in no way want this to seem like an oh poor me post because it isn’t but it is something on my mind and a big piece of my life currently that I feel like sharing.

In the very beginning of COVID-19 hitting the states and before the government money was given to airlines my employer offered what we call a special leave of 1, 3 or 6 months to try to reduce the work force but allowed people to keep health and flight benefits but have a return to work date.  It was a hard decision because at that time there wasn’t even talks of full blown shut downs it was so early in the pandemic. I chose the 6 month option and very thankfully qualified for unemployment.

Then the government stepped in and gave money but required no employees be laid off/furloughed til October 1st. Obviously travel has not returned to anywhere near where it would be for the airlines to return to a “normal” need for the same number of  employees as we had pre-pandemic so come October big cuts will happen.

When my company announced how many furloughs they expect to hand out to flight attendants last week it was a big number- a really big number. Even if that number is the worst case scenario and changes by a few thousand it’s still a big number. While nothing is official yet and won’t be for probably another month or so I’m in the last 3,000 flight attendants hired so if they furlough 15,000 or even 10,000 it will more than likely take years for my seniority to be recalled. Thankfully I work for a union which means that I have to be recalled back to work within 6 years. Even weirder than waiting I could be called back to any base not just where I was based when I got furloughed in the first place so that’ll be an interesting hurdle to get over.

It’s a lot for me to take in. How the airlines work is already weird as hell to talk about but trying to read through our 300+ page contract to try and figure out what happens when one gets furloughed/when do the benefits stop etc. how does it work when I do get recalled is a total mind F#$k.

I knew it was going to happen but hearing it out loud is still a punch to the gut.

I think the hardest part is that this is my dream job.

I absolutely love being a flight attendant.

I call it my fake job because even though I sacrificed a lot to get it, trained hard to graduate, moved 3,000 miles away to live in a bunk bed with an insane number of humans, and answered the phone no matter what time it was to go anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, it rarely felt like “work.”

I got to adventure for a living.

Every senior person I talk to always says the same thing, you will go back because there is no better lifestyle than being a flight attendant. You may have ups and downs with it, take time away and come back but once flying gets into your blood, it just doesn’t leave.

It’s still my dream job, it’ll be my dream job the moment they invite me to come back even if that takes a few years to get to. I know that and I can look forward to this little break in life to accomplish other goals of mine but man, the moment that phone rings I will happily throw the pantyhose back on, rush to the airport, hop on that jump seat and spill my soul to the first crew I meet in true flight attendant fashion.

I’ll even be nice to the passengers 😉

In the meantime I’ll be working on my resume, sweating over cover letters and dreaming of the day I get to return to my life in the sky.

And now I’ll spam you with pictures from some of my favorite layovers…

Anytime I got to go to a baseball stadium,




That one time Alex and I flew to Eugene, Oregon for lunch and then I picked up a trip for a long Vegas layover that night so we had to rush back to San Francisco,



Anytime crew scheduling gave me a resort layover (this happened very rarely for me)




That one time I got sent to South Korea in the dead of winter and had not packed appropriately (because I didn’t know I was going) so I wore every single layer I had on top of each other,


That time I met a T-Rex in Kansas City,


Any new state I got to cross off like Montana below and all of the layovers (not pictured because it’s not their blog 😉 ) that I got to see family and friends. Between Boston, Burlington, Orlando, Nashville, Newark, New Orleans, Baltimore, San Diego, Austin, Eugene and so many more those layovers are always so special to me.


Cheers & All my love,


Becoming an Active Ally

Artwork by Oh Happy Dani

I planned to post this last week but held off to give a small amount of time to better educate, gather resources and truly find a way to help going forward not just now… so here it goes.

I actually don’t know what to say and I don’t want to claim that I have anything profound to say and maybe I won’t ever. Not saying anything is not an option though. When you have the privilege of being a white woman who has not and will never face the many injustices that Black people have faced for so long, silence is compliance.

I can and must be not only anti-racist but an active ally for people of color.


Artwork by Oh Happy Dani

I have committed myself to listening. While I could never begin to understand what the Black community has gone through I can do my best to learn ways to appropriately support those who have. I am committed to dialogue with those around me and being uncomfortable with some of the conversations I have. I am committed to making my actions now be part of my every day life going forward.

I have to admit to actually walk the walk is something I didn’t really know where to begin with. I know there is so much more information out there than what I’ve listed below but if you are like me and need a place to start this is where I did.


“How to Respond to Common Racist Statements” by Marie @wastefreemarie I very much appreciate everything she has posted this week and her bio says “welcoming beginners to climate & racial justice” of which I 100% am.

Ways You Can Help from blacklivesmatter.carrd.co

This massive resource guide was posted by Britanny Packnett Cunningham (created by @sarasophief & @dj_diabeatic) has been the best compilation of resources I’ve found.

This article from Medium which gets regularly updated to maintain accuracy, 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice

I was particularly taken with this guide from Tatiana Mac, Save the Tears: White Women’s Guide


This list from Bleu Magazine is a good start.


Black Lives Matter

Campaign Zero


The #SayHerName Campaign

Color of Change



As someone who has been completely in love with blogs for so long I am embarrassed to see how little diversity I had in my feed. So to start these are a few lifestyle bloggers on Instagram I’ve started following this week that I think you should check out…

Ailsa @_happygocurly_

Tomi @goodtomicha

Alicia @aliciatenise

Amanda @sequinsandsales

Jehava @onlygirl4boyz

MNH @morganharpernichols

Megan @shadesofpinck


In Denver check out this list from 303 Magazine of over 200 Black owned businesses to support.

I personally just ordered a gift card from The Tiny Tassel after finding Mimi on Instagram. Her spirit is beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her handmade earrings.

I loved this list of Black Owned Bookstores that do online orders.

My sweet friend sent me this mega list of 400+ Black Owned Etsy Shops to check out.

Buzzfeed also created this list of products from Black Owned Businesses to buy.


I plan to update this post as I come across more resources that help me along the way because it doesn’t stop with one post, this will take time. If you have any guides, suggestions for resources that have helped you please send them my way. Likewise if there are other bloggers/businesses that you love supporting.

My intention is to find, educate, and raise my voice to help those who need it. To turn that voice into one of action and raise the Black community up in whatever ways I can. In whatever ways they need me.

Love, Kari

Checking In & Hiking Saint Mary’s Glacier

Well we’re a little over a week into October folks and you know what that means? It means all of the fall content and travel posts I have been planning to post have come to a screaming halt because my computer crashed and I got a stomach flu/food poisoning… jury is still out but moral of the story don’t eat airplane food. Perhaps this isn’t what happens to everyone in October but here I am working through it.

Anyway I’m currently sitting in Newark delayed (like everyone who has ever passed through Newark) and the magic voice just came over the speaker saying final boarding for Burlington, VT however in a rare occasion when connecting through EWR (aka my nightmare) that is not my final destination. In fact I’m about to tackle on of my first big “30 before I turn 30” items and I really can’t wait to share that with you but first- this post- just so you know I’m still alive and I haven’t forgotten about you (I’ve just had to steal my boyfriend’s computer because most likely mine will never live again).

Enough with the excuses though, right?

I had this week off so my human came to visit so we could do all of the Colorado fall things and today I thought I’d highlight one of my favorite parts of our week together with a quick little review of hiking St. Mary’s Glacier.

Located near Idaho Springs this hike is only an hour to the trailhead from downtown Denver so in terms of getting that mountain feel without having to go too far this one is perfect. We went on a Sunday morning around 10am because we wanted to make sure the sun was at least out despite a 47 degree temperature.  Being a Sunday we were expecting some heavy foot traffic but it was surprisingly easy to find a spot in one of the two parking lots at the base ($5 cash only to park). A local with skis strapped to his backpack informed us that this “Glacier” is actually a semi-permanent snowfield and not a glacier at all which I thought was interesting.

The hike was short, a little less than a mile to the top but all rocks all the way up! While it is a short one it still starts at 10,000 feet of elevation so the huffing and puffing starts embarrassingly early- or was that just me? It’s very wide and well-maintained despite being rocky. I’d say confidently almost anyone can complete this and it is so worth the views! I liked that once you got to the top you could just keep climbing on all sorts of side trails to get up higher for better views and closer to the action of the snow-field. It was definitely busy and HOLY WINDY but I can imagine how much fun you could have spending a day picnicking up at the top on a warm summer day. Anyway here’s a few photos of the hike, enjoy!

I would absolutely do this hike again and I really can’t wait for my people to come visit so I can bring them up to it! Colorado is just about to hit peak foliage and yet it’s simultaneously about to drop down to 21 degree temps and half a foot of snow expected in the high country because fall in Colorado people. If you really want to round out your day trip around Idaho Springs are post hike I’d recommend a soak in the Indian Hot Springs and my favorite thing- finishing a giant honey soaked pizza at Beau Jo’s (if you know, you know!!)

Anyway, lots more posts coming soon- I’ve got everything from shit passengers say on the airplane to more travel tips and essential items. I can’t wait to share my travel guide for Belgium and of course tell you allllllll about the bucket list item I’m waiting to board a plane for.

Have a freaking splendid rest of your weeks kids.