About Me


Oh hello, Friends!

I’d like to welcome you aboard this humble little blog of mine.

I created this space as a little outlet to share my passion for travel and a whole lot of other things with the world.

A little about me,

I’m a newly minted 30 year old and a proud small town mountain kid from the great state of Vermont.  I recently transferred to Denver where I’m so happy to be laying down roots between travels. My hobbies include being too sarcastic for my own good, anything crafty and knowing the lyrics to almost every song.

I spend as much time as I can in the mountains whether it’s hiking or snowboarding and I truly believe the fresh air cures nearly everything but a stubbed toe.

I am a few years in to a flight attendant career that allows me to embrace my inner foodie, love of adventure, odd interactions with fellow humans and sleeping in public places for a living.

I don’t always know where I’m going when I start the day but I am

Always Winging It.

Love, Kari