Becoming an Active Ally

Artwork by Oh Happy Dani

I planned to post this last week but held off to give a small amount of time to better educate, gather resources and truly find a way to help going forward not just now… so here it goes.

I actually don’t know what to say and I don’t want to claim that I have anything profound to say and maybe I won’t ever. Not saying anything is not an option though. When you have the privilege of being a white woman who has not and will never face the many injustices that Black people have faced for so long, silence is compliance.

I can and must be not only anti-racist but an active ally for people of color.


Artwork by Oh Happy Dani

I have committed myself to listening. While I could never begin to understand what the Black community has gone through I can do my best to learn ways to appropriately support those who have. I am committed to dialogue with those around me and being uncomfortable with some of the conversations I have. I am committed to making my actions now be part of my every day life going forward.

I have to admit to actually walk the walk is something I didn’t really know where to begin with. I know there is so much more information out there than what I’ve listed below but if you are like me and need a place to start this is where I did.


“How to Respond to Common Racist Statements” by Marie @wastefreemarie I very much appreciate everything she has posted this week and her bio says “welcoming beginners to climate & racial justice” of which I 100% am.

Ways You Can Help from

This massive resource guide was posted by Britanny Packnett Cunningham (created by @sarasophief & @dj_diabeatic) has been the best compilation of resources I’ve found.

This article from Medium which gets regularly updated to maintain accuracy, 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice

I was particularly taken with this guide from Tatiana Mac, Save the Tears: White Women’s Guide


This list from Bleu Magazine is a good start.


Black Lives Matter

Campaign Zero


The #SayHerName Campaign

Color of Change



As someone who has been completely in love with blogs for so long I am embarrassed to see how little diversity I had in my feed. So to start these are a few lifestyle bloggers on Instagram I’ve started following this week that I think you should check out…

Ailsa @_happygocurly_

Tomi @goodtomicha

Alicia @aliciatenise

Amanda @sequinsandsales

Jehava @onlygirl4boyz

MNH @morganharpernichols

Megan @shadesofpinck


In Denver check out this list from 303 Magazine of over 200 Black owned businesses to support.

I personally just ordered a gift card from The Tiny Tassel after finding Mimi on Instagram. Her spirit is beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her handmade earrings.

I loved this list of Black Owned Bookstores that do online orders.

My sweet friend sent me this mega list of 400+ Black Owned Etsy Shops to check out.

Buzzfeed also created this list of products from Black Owned Businesses to buy.


I plan to update this post as I come across more resources that help me along the way because it doesn’t stop with one post, this will take time. If you have any guides, suggestions for resources that have helped you please send them my way. Likewise if there are other bloggers/businesses that you love supporting.

My intention is to find, educate, and raise my voice to help those who need it. To turn that voice into one of action and raise the Black community up in whatever ways I can. In whatever ways they need me.

Love, Kari


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