Why Start A Blog?

Travel is the ultimate connector. Whether it’s leaving home for work each week to those magical experiences in new cities around the world or even heading out for the weekend to the lake house you’ve grown up spending your summers at, travel looks like something different to everyone but it’s something everyone does. And I like most, love it. I live for it quite frankly.

I am lucky enough to have spent my entire career in the industry. First in hotel management for many years and now as a flight attendant.  While my influences are like many of yours- from my family, to coworkers and of course social media and other bloggers. My experiences and most importantly my voice is unique (and admittedly wildly sarcastic).

So where do I want to go with this blog?

Well first off I want to share my travel guides with you. Besides going to new places myself, my favorite thing in the entire world is when someone asks me for a recommendation about where they should go or what they should do in (insert city here). I look at it like the ultimate compliment because here they are trusting my judgement and I make it my mission to tailor the perfect trip for them.

I’d like to consider myself a free-spirited planner. Believe me when I say making lists and doing research on a place is one of my favorite activities but if you asked me to hop on a plane and go to a city I’ve never heard of to just wing it? I’d take you up on it in a heartbeat. (Get it, blog name? I know- clever).

Which reminds me, I’d also like to give my ultimate travel tips. I won’t say silly things like how to travel “stress free” but I can help you travel with less stress. Solo female travel tips? I’m your girl. Are you curious about meal-prepping on the road or even in general? That’s a skill I’ve had to become good at that or I’d go broke. Speaking of, traveling on a budget and packing for long periods of time in a carry-on, I’ve got you.  You obviously don’t have to be a flight attendant to be an expert traveler but I can say as a flight attendant I’ve seen a whole lot of pretty epic hacks and I’m here both to share and learn even more from you folks!

Which brings me to my next topic, I will of course talk about being a flight attendant. If there is anything I’ve learned in my few years of flying it’s that people have a LOT of questions about our lives and I’m more than happy to answer them.  Oh and yes, I promise to throw in a few crazy passenger stories as well. 

Sometimes, I’m just going to tell ridiculous stories that happen to me while I’m out in the world because anyone who knows me can tell you I somehow attract the most absurd of awkward moments.

And then there’s the off the field stuff. The random things I am passionate about from home decor and sports to how to make friends in a new city. I’ll even ask some hard hitting questions like if you’re an almost 30 year-old lady when are you supposed to start getting Botox? Are you even supposed to? Does everyone laugh when someone falls or just me? You know, normal stuff very serious people like me ask.

I guess I don’t really know where this is going to go but if it even makes 10 people smile I’d be happy. I say 10 because I have 5 immediate family members of which this will be required reading (you know who you are). I’ve got to be honest, to start a new blog is quite intimidating because it seems like everyone is a blogger these days and the top ones are in such a different league it makes you almost forget that they had to start somewhere. They did though, they had to start somewhere.

For me, that somewhere is now and I am more than ready to share my travels with even just a handful of people (hi, Mom!).

Oh and the pictures are going to get better people, I’m just a baby blogger with an iPhone right now so don’t even @ me.

I think that’s it for now, stay tuned people!